About the Author
Billy Elliot is originally a British film (2000) directed by
Stephen Daldry. The screenplay was written by Lee Hall
and then adapted as a novel by Melvin Burgess, who is a
popular and prolific writer of young adult fiction. Some of
his works are Junk, Bloodtide and Doing It.

Billy Elliot is the son of a poor coal miner in Northern
England who is very different from all the other boys: he
prefers dancing to boxing and he wants to become a ballet

Billy Elliot is set against the background of the 1984/5
Coal Miners’ Strike in Northern England during Margaret
Thatcher’s administration, a defining moment in the
economic and social history of the United Kingdom. The
story shows how the son of one of these miners overcomes
social prejudice to make his dream of being a ballet dancer
come true.

Some of the main themes of the film

  • Coming of age and self-discovery:
  • Fulfilling ones dreams:
  • The father-son relationship:
  • Gender and class issues: