CJ Moon - America at war

Throughout the history of the United States of America, we have been through war after war. Since the U.S.'s independence on July 4, 1776, the United States has been involved in around 10 major wars including the Revolutionary War where we gained our Independence from Great Britain. Many soldiers have fought for their lives and the lives of the people back home in their homeland. We have fought ourselves, Great Britain, the Spanish, the Germans and many others. Take a look at this timeline and get a relative idea of the wars before Monday. Also, to get in the mood of war and tribute to our soldiers take a look at these videos before class. We will not be watching them in class!

This is just a tribute video. Watch and the words as they come across the screen. How do they make you feel?

A little history lesson in the form of a rap. A little explicit language so do not listen if easily offended.

Our past as Americans.

Imagine an AMERICAN giving someone other than themselves the blame. . . think about it....

Just some questions to think about before you come to class.
1. What is America's benefit for going to war?
2. Why do you think we go to war?
3. WHat are the causes of war?