Hello everyone, my topic for the day is choices. Please read this article before class on Wednesday.
The article is entitled At a Crossroad: Decision Making the article is written by Phylameana Iila Desy.
The article discusses three types of descion makers and how they deal with making decisions. It also discussed the way people deal with different types depending on how important the desicions is.
Their are many different types of descions in life. Some choices are big and some are small and this article discusses how people deal with making these choices. Is there a right or wrong answer? Do some choice require more thought than others? How do you make important descions?
Think about these questions because we will be discussing them in class on Wednesday.


To help in making smart and educated descions a Doctor by the name of Edward De bono invented THE SIX THINKING HATS. The six hats, each a different color, represent differend aspects of thinking about a decision. If you consider each aspect when making a descision you will be able to make more educated desicion.

These hats are used to force people to look at all aspects of decisions rather than looking at side of a decision. If you look at only one side of a choice you are staying close minded which may cause negative effect from your choice.

We will discuss the hats further on wednesday.