Education - Ryan Colby
Our education system in America has been on a slippery slope decline since the early 1920's. Many standardized tests and evaluations suffice as evidence for these accusations. Our governmental leaders have put into place many programs and precedents so that students are not lost in the American education upbringing. The "No Child Left Behind" act is one of many programs that were set up so that young Americans can benefit from the public and private schooling systems nation wide.
Back in the olden days, 1920's-1960's, many students who had trouble learning in their own environment were just passed on from teacher to teacher without any specific help or extra care. Problems like ADD and dyslexia were very common "learning disabilities" that qualified many students to receive passing grades, just so that they are no longer a problem for that teacher. Special schools and academies were put into effect after these problems were brought to the attention of the government. In every public school in America, you can find specific learning centers made just for students with these learning hardships. The usage of these centers were open to any and all students who thought they could benefit from the extra care of the teachers and tutors alike. The standardized test scores around the globe took a positive turn and kept rising annually.

These videos are samples and visual proof and demonstrations of the American Education society and the problems which it deals with.

Discussion Questions:
1.) Is standardized testing a good evaluation mechanism for the education in America? Why or why not?

2.) What are some other ways that America can get feedback from their education reforms?

3.) What is the biggest problem which the American government should address in your school?
Enjoy:) and as always, be respectful and nice to others....