Gabrielle Elisco - The Obesity Society

Hello fellow classmates!

My topic will be in relation to problems of obesity. I hope to simply discuss why the problem has increased throughout the years and why America has the highest rates of obesity.

The Obesity Society is an organization that deals with the thoughts and issues concerning obesity. The first site listed below is their actually website (if you'd like more information about the actual society itself).

Here are a few sites I would just like you all to skim over so you know what I'll be asking you all to discuss:

This first site I would like you to read and see how severe of a problem obesity actually is..

This will deal with childhood obesity..
Childhood obesity

This site shows countries obesity rates, take a good look!!
Obesity rates worldwide

Lastly, please take a look at this site, if you scroll over the chart with your mouse, you will see throughout the years how obesity has grown. Quite interesting.
American obesity rates

This video is a longer one, but if you could, take a glimse at it, we'll watch a little of it in class as well

Please come to class prepared to discuss information obtained from these webpages!

*We are NOT discussing anything personal. It is a serious problem just as AIDS, cancer, and other health problems so all I ask is you all take this seriously and respectfully.