Music - Teresa Whetstone

Whether we realize it or not music influences our every day decisions.
Back on the first day of classes Dr. Peled had us write down our names and three favorite songs/artists/genres on a card.
What we can up with was:
Pop: 14 Votes
Country 10 Votes
Rock : 7 Votes
Rap: 4 Votes
Instrumental: 4 Votes
Rhythm and Blues: 2 Votes
Musicals: 1 Vote
Christian: 1 Vote
Funk: 1 Vote

As you can see, we all vary in our music tastes, but most of what is classified as "Pop" is what most of us enjoy.
I guess that is why they call is popular.

Understanding Popular Culture "Pop Culture"
I don't expect that you read the entire thing. I mainly just want you to read the second page of the preface.
This is what I hope to have a discussion on in class Friday.

We had a discussion about music on Monday, and how it has influenced society and culture. We talked about the differences of opinion. We all got worked up about each others personal opinions.
There is no reason to be doing this. As you can see, most of are very similar, whether we choose to believe it or not.

This was actually one of the most popular artists mentioned by the class on the note cards.
Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

This is probably my all time favorite song!!!! Also my ringback. 440-415-3359 If you dont believe me lol
Enjoy :)
-Ryan Colby

this is the finlandia song I talked about in class.
This is what I used to listen to before a track meet. (I threw shotput)

One of my favorite songs despite the fact that I can't shake my booty to it...
I love this song but its had a kind of bad meaning to it. Rocky

This is one of my favorite songs. I can relate it to my own personal life & I think you can just lose yourself in this song.
It has such deep meaning and it really speaks to me. :)
NO song pumps me up better than this. Its so inspirational and give you the will to succede even when your the underdog. -Rocky-

Don't really know why, but this song has always just made me think and I have always really like it


Also, my football pre-game music. Classic Phil Collins with an extra punch ;)


hey guys! hope you enjoy this song, i do! =)- Gabby