Ryan Colby - Aliens

Hello everyone! Here are a few things which I would like you to look at in regards to Friday's discussion in class. Look at the link and especially the video. We will also watch them in class.

Aliens among us


Here are some questions which I would like you to think about before class:
1) Do you believe that there could be/is someone other than us here?

2) Have you seen or heard of any weird occurrences?

3) What is truly going on at Area 51?

4) Do you think the government should share more information with us?


While I can’t rationalize the belief in aliens, I can understand that there are people who believe in them. It depends on how you were raised. The thought that how someone is raised and what they are taught to believe and how that affects their word view is really eye opening. I tried to image in I had been taught that aliens existed from a young age, and I can say that my entire life and belief system would be different. I suppose my belief in God could appear just as crazy to someone else.

However, I still haven’t been able to find proof that aliens exist.
The U.S. Army developed this Avro Car in the 1950


If they were able to come up with something that technological and “alien like” over 50 years ago, then imagine what they could come up with today.