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Ryan Alexander Colby

Background: Well, my name is Ryan Colby, but most people just call me by my last name. I am going to be a Pre-Med major with a minor in French. At home are my parents Ron and Donna, my brother Ron Jr. and three dogs. I have two mastiffs, (the dog from the movie The Sandlot) named Oreo and Tofu. My third dog is named Socks and I have no clue what breed she is. I love sports, just about any kind, and enjoy playing them even more. I have a sister named Elisa who has her own family now, living in Virginia while enlisted i the Army.
Dipsy A bad picture of me in my uniform this year.

Sports: I have always been busy in different sporting events since I was pretty much born. My top three sports are football, baseball, and basketball. Football by far is my absolute favorite, and plays a part in why I am attending Westminster instead of The United States Military Academy at West Point. I decided that I should enjoy college and athletics as much as possible before I can no longer play them. I love the Browns, 8 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS....... and anyone playing against the Steelers :).

My Future "Plan": After graduating with my degree in Pre-Med here, I plan on attending Medical School and getting a degree in sports medicine. My dream job is being a trainer in the Pros and using my minor in French to volunteer my services in the Olympics and hopefully traveling to a European country during that time. It may not sound too appealing to anyone, but it makes me happy.

My Flaws:(- Okay so here is the big one which you all will probably pay most attention to. The biggest problem that I have had in my life is trusting people too early before actually getting to know everything about them. I have been "screwed over" in the past as well as more recently. I am a huge stickler for organization and mildly OCD about my room. I have a bad temper about a few things which I get carried away with, such as relationships (mine), my family, and people giving their full potential.

Gabrielle Marie Elisco

Hey everyone! As you know, my name is Gabrielle, but most people call me Gabby. In highshool, however, I was known as "Gabe." A student teacher could never say my name properly so she would always call me Gabe, and it stuck. My favorite color is blue, as you could tell by this text. I think of myself as a very outgoing person, and thoughtful of others. I am very opinionated, but try to never be rude in demonstrating it. My beliefs and virtues are held very close to me. I can usually be heard from a mile away, partially because I am full-blooded italian, which I am VERY proud. I absolutely love food. I was a cheerleader from 6th grade to my senior year, and was captain my senior year which was really fun. I was very involved in high school in different clubs and organizations. Here I plan to be involved, but as for my first year I wanted a smooth transition and focus on my studies. I am an English major with a minor in secondary eduation. My family consists of my mom, stepdad, dad, and sister. I love them very much. Family is very important in my life. My sister, Ashley, is a graduate of Westminster. She is a huge help to me throughout the admission process and now in school. I have a puppy named Ellie, and a fish named Squishy. My grandparents are also very important to me, they are like another set of parents to me. I have a boyfriend named Robert whom I like to spend a lot of time with. He goes to Slippery Rock. I am a Christain and love Jesus Christ. I am a proud GOLD and BLACK bleeding Pittsburgh Steeler fan! I like the rain more than sunshine and love fall time! Questions? Just ask! =)

Amanda Katherine Fair

Well since you already know my name since I'm writing about me I don't feel the need to repeat my name. I will however tell you I was named after Spock's mother. (Live Long and Prosper) My dad sure has a sense of humor. As hard as it is to fill you in on my life I'll try my best so here goes nothing. I have a dog named Durango, a brother named Kirk (yes He was in fact named after the Captain Kirk from Star Trek.), a mother and a father. My mom and dad both work at American Beverage Corporation. She is a lab supervisor, he's an accountant.Me and my brother are not the closest siblings in the world, but I know that when I need him he'll be there for me and I would be there for him. I also have some excellent extended family. My cousins are my best friends and I thank God that we get along as well as we do. College would be harder if we didn't seeing as me and my cousin both go to Westminster and we are in the same building. Between just hanging out, water skiing, or just having movie nights with wrestling and bruises my friends are my family. O and I have a garden gnome. I got him 2 summers ago and he pretty much goes everywhere with me. He goes through a lot as you can see from the picture. *Helpful hint... never eat a marsh mellow off anything...especially a gnome's hat.*

Me and my father at Lake Erie

Friends are a big part of my life. My friends and me are all very close and we tend to see each other as family. We have even been known to make outrageously long lists as to what we want to do, who we want to date, or applications to date my friend. I was in Girl Scouts and I am recently a member of Boy Scouts of America. Yes a girl CAN belong to BSA and not be a boy. I love my Girl Scout and Boy Scout troop's equally and I miss them when they aren't around. Lucky for me all but 2 of my Boy Scout friends live in PA.

I attended Leechburg Jr./Sr. High School from 7th grade till I graduated this past May. Before that I attended Kiski Elementary School.Not much to say about either of these schools. I was the kid who sat out in recess because I preferred to read. I still love to read, but not when I'm forced to.

I love to listen to all kinds of music, but my favorite is a tie between Irish and country music.
Si Do Mhaimeo I - Wealthy Widow

I'm Pro Life and I'm proud of it. That's one of my few strong held beliefs. I will usually argue my views till the cows come home when it's about abortion. I'm pretty easy going unless the issue is something I'm passionate about. My passion for subjects is also my biggest downfall. when I do anything I try to do it with all my heart and whether that is a relationship or just my homework it can sometimes get me in trouble. I hate... no i loathe when people say "I won't try it because I can't do it." If you don't have a legitimate reason for not being able to do something then you should try it. whether trying mean tasting new foods or pushing your fear of heights to a whole new level by going on a roller coaster (I love the ravine flier at Waldameer park, but i simply hate the first drop)
Shelby Nicole Gillen
Hello there! As you can see, my name is Shelby Nicole and I'm currently 18 years old. I have very strong independence streak in me, but I tend to look for help if I can get it. I'm a drama freak, to say the least. I love acting, singing, and dancing..hence the double major in Theater and Music (: I plan to end with teaching deaf children music, it's been my plan for the past year when I fell in love with sign language at my high school. I listen to just about any genre of music, but I tend to listen to what I can sing..I live by the song "Defying Gravity" from the musical Wicked, I actually sang a solo from that song for my show choir in high school. :D
I live in Hubbard, Ohio and commute to school everyday; I live with my father, but I see my mother often...sometimes I'm there more than I'm actually at home. Cancer is a big part of my life, not because I've had it, but my mother did. She had breast cancer, stage four inflammatory three and a half years ago. She's currently in remission but we live with the reminder everyday, to say the least, I'll kick someone's butt if they say anything about my mom. She's my hero. I have three dogs, Gracie, Teddy, and Dizzle. I also have a cat named Jack Frost. I do have flaws, as all people, I'm very stubborn and, sometimes, short tempered, I, also, love to argue. But, that's just me.Oh! And...I tend to babble. Haha.My best friend, Shannon, is the only person who knows me better than I know myself, and I couldn't make it without her. We've been best friends for almost 9 years now and I'm so very happy we met in fourth grade.
I have a boyfriend, who is in the Air force working in avionics. [simple terms, he fixes F-16 Jets] He lives in South Carolina, and I miss everyday. Ironically enough, I met him on Myspace two months ago and found out we grew up in the same home-town and he used to be best friends with my step brother. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for being in a relationship like that, but I like taking risks.

My best friend, Shannon, and Myself.

Jenna Marie Hasson

Family is Forever!

Jenna Marie Hasson

is my full name. My parents names are Mark and Carol Hasson. I have one six year old sister named Mia Jo & she is in first grade :) . I have a morkie puppy named Gracie (I've wanted a dog since I was two years old!). I love my family very much,

I don't know where i would be without them. I am also a strong

Christian.My grandparents are my heroes.

About Me!

  • I have been dancing since I was three years old with the New Castle
    Regional Ballet& even though I have a strong foundation in ballet, I can also dance tap, jazz, and contemporary.
    Dance has been a part of me for my whole life & I have made many fond memories over the years.
  • I attended Neshannock High School(about ten minutes away) & our colors were red & white. I have been a cheerleader for football
    & basketball since the eighth grade. Cheerleading was an exciting activity for me & my friends. I also
    plan to try out for the squad here at Westminster. I was involved with Spanish Club, Pep Club, FBLA,
    Bible Club, & Student Council at my high school.
  • My fondest high school memories were participating
    in our spring musicalsince the 9th grade. I absolutely loved every minute of dancing, singing, & performing
    infront of hundreds of people. My junior musical was my favorite. I was Miss Adelaidein Guys& Dolls(most of
    you might not really know what that is but it's ok haha!). The stage just really feels like home to me.
  • High school was definitely a roller coaster for me. There were so many up's & down's, but I had some great friends
    to share the good & the bad times with. My major is Public Relations and I'm minoring in Marketing!
    After graduation, I hope to land a job working for a large name brand company advertising and advising for them.
  • I am a very friendly & bubbly person. However, I can be extremely shy and I can be self-conscious. I absolutely love the color
    pink& anything with sparkles or glitter on it (I know, I'm a "girly-girl"). I love to shop anywhere & Johnny Depp is my
    favorite actor. I love meeting new people & I'm always here if you ever want to talk about anything! That's about it
    for now :)<3

Charles Lee Jr Moon
Well as you can see from the label above, I am Charles Moon Jr., but seeing how I do not like to be called that, you can just callme CJ. I am very outgoing and love to have a great time. I try to be funny although I am usually the only one laughing at my jokes. At Westminster, I am an Elementary/Special Education Major with a Childhood Development Minor. My life has always consisted of sports, school, and work. Not a very exciting life.

Sports have been a major part of my life and have created so many opportunities for me. I have been competing in sports since before I could remember. Whether it be football, soccer, or track and field, I have always tried to reach my maximum potential at each one of them. After the years past, I dropped soccer and became a die hard football player and thrower for the track team. I was captain of my track team and labeled as an "unspoken leader" by my football coach. In high school football, I won multiple awards including: Gridiron Player of the Year, Scout Offensive Player of the Year, AFC All-Conference Honorable Mention, and AFC Scholar Athlete Award. I found the harder I worked, the more opportunities came to me. My coach, John Simon, actually asked me to fail my senior year and come back to play for him once more. We all thought he was joking until at graduation he told us he was being completely serious. So, in the end, I worked extremely hard and I developed a close-knit bond with all my coaches. Now, I am at Westminster. I am on the football team and the track team. So, in a few years i will tell you how that ended up.

Highlight pictures from one of my high school games.
Although I may be the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet, school has always come first for me. I went to Apollo-Ridge High School, which is a small town school that rarely graduates over one hundred people. My class was the exception. We graduated 104 seniors this past year. We had our clicks and all that just like the other schools. Although we had our clicks, I found myself trying to be friends with everyone. I did not necessarily belong to a certain group of people. I was well-known and well liked as a good friend, a good listener, and someone that could always make someone laugh when they were down. Other than making friends and playing sports at school being a breeze, I also had a easy time with grades. I was one of those people where it just came naturally. I never had to do much because the outcome was always the same. Now, at Westminster, I find myself doing the same, but I also see myself working harder at everything as well. So, hopefully my freshman year will not only be a fun one, but also a successful one as well.

It was nice to be an Apollo-Ridge Viking.......

But it feels GREAT to be a Westminster TITAN!
Before coming to Westminster I had a part-time job at Sheetz. Although labled as "part-time" i was basically a full-time employee. The last three weeks of my summer consisted of 40+ hour work weeks. I worked almost every single day just to pick up some spare cash for college. Before I left i thought i would not have a job to come back to, but my manager informed that i was one of his top workers and he would always have an opening for me. So labeled as on "temporary leave," i am guaranteed the same amount of hours that I had before I left when I return. In this case this is great. I love the place more than anything. I actually got my sister hired as a Shift Supervisor at my store before I left and talked my other sister into getting a job at the one by her house. She is going to be starting training to become Assistant Manager at her store now. I work with amazing people that would do anything for each other whether it beneficial for them or not. It is a great place to work and I am glad I can return there when I go back.

Lacey Diane Pickens
Hi, I'm Lacey I'm from Lisbon Ohio. I am close to my mom and dad, I also have a younger sister. I like hanging out with friends and going to the movies. I'm and elementary and speacial education major. I chose my major because I love children and want to help them learn. I took tap lessons for ten years. I'm left handed. I broke my left hand when I was five riding a horse and couldn't write it was very difficult for me. I love Taco Bell. I have two dogs one is a border collie mix and the other is a cocker spaniel I love them both. I love to travel, I'd love to go to Ireland one day. Me in a nut shell I love children and can not wait to be a teacher and make one difference in one child's life.

Rocky Rafe Radeff

Hey everyone, I am Rocky Rafe Radeff. Many people call me Rock for short or Rocko. I am from Sheffield Lake, Ohio. I am a Political Science major and hope to attend law school one day. I would love to one day be a Supreme Court Justice. I also plan on owning my own recreational center with a weightroom, pool, basketball courts, and all sorts of things like that. I play football here at Westminster and hope to also play Baseball. In high school I participated in a number of things. I played baseball and football for four years, basketball for two, I was inducted into National Honors Society as a sophmore and served at President my senior year. I also participated in drama which I was in three plays and earned enough points to become a thespian. Other actvities I was in were Big Brothers Big Sisters, Prom committee, and After Prom Committee.

I am one of seven children. I have four older sisters Mandalinn who teaches high school in Charolette, North Carolina, Kaleen who teaches elementary in Lorain, Ohio, Desiree who is finishing up her degree at community college, and Amber who teaches in Lorain, Ohio. I also have two brothers Dugan who is a Junior at Mount Union College, and Keegan who is a Junior in High School. I aso have a niece named Zuriah and a nephew named Liam. They bother are half black and half white and are the kids of my sister Desiree. My parents are married. My father works for the city of Rocky River and my mother works for my school district. We are close knit family who care alot about each other and would do anything to help one another out. We constantly keep in touch even thought we are not living together anymore.

I have a girlfriend who I have been dating for three years. She goes to school at the University of Arizona. I miss her very much.
In my spare time I watch WWE, Sports, movies, and That 70's Show. My favorite movie is Rocky II. I love to help people and I can be friends with almost anyone. If anyone ever need my help just ask and I'll be willing to give it to you. I like to spend time alone and just think about things or just relax but sometimes it hard because I'm always worried about getting things done that I have to do. I never spend much time partying and things because I'm always busy with some type of work or if im not im trying to relax. I love all Cleveland sports and I hate Pittsburg.This is who I for the most part. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.
cleveland rocks
ElyriaCt > 3-29-10 linda murphybot of the 5th - Avon's #44 Greg Harrison slides safely into home plate as Brookside's Catcher #12  Rocky Radeff grabs for the ball which popped out of his glove.
ElyriaCt > 3-29-10 linda murphybot of the 5th - Avon's #44 Greg Harrison slides safely into home plate as Brookside's Catcher #12 Rocky Radeff grabs for the ball which popped out of his glove.
go Browns

Kristina Carrington Tissue
As you all know I am Kristina Tissue. I have many nicknames because of my last name so feel free to crack jokes at it. I have probably heard them all but hey give it a try to come up with a new one. I have a double major in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

Soccer is one of the strongest passions in my life. I live and breath soccer. I have been playing forever, literally, and I couldn't imagine my life without it. My high school soccer team was a second family for me and I know that I can always count on them. I am very tough on myself when it comes to soccer and if I don't play well I do get pretty upset with myself. Along with soccer my faith means a lot to me. I believe that without my faith nothing that I have accomplished today would be possible. (phil 4:13) I would love to coach one day along with being a teacher.

I am one of two children in my family. I have a younger sister named Gabriella but we usually just call her Gab. I love the close relationship that we have and I'm realizing that it is pretty hard not to have her around everyday. My parents are so supportive of every decision I make like coming to Westminster. I couldn't ask for a better support system from my family. I come from a huge family on both sides and have 17 total cousins. I love having a huge family and we tend to get pretty loud when we are all together.

As a person, I believe that I am very caring and loving. I am a good listener and love to help others with their problems. I like to think that I am easy to get along with and I can't wait to make a ton of new friends here along with all the friends I already met. I love to have fun and enjoy life. I am very opinionated and fight for my views. I do take the time to listen to other's points of view but I will be willing to stand up and fight for what I believe in.

I have three best friends at home. We all went to different colleges and it has been one of the hardest transitions in my life. I also had to leave my boyfriend behind. The night I said goodbye to them was the hardest by far. We send a notebook around to each other to keep in touch and of course we have facebook and skype. I know people say that you will grow away from your friends in high school, but I know that these girls will be in my life forever no matter what.

In closing, if you guys ever need anything I will always be willing to help.

Raychel Elizabeth Webster
Hey...I’m Raychel as you know, but back home people call me Ray Ray,Raydub or Webby I’ve lived in VA my entire life, but I’ve always been a Pittsburgher at heart. I don't understand how people act like their teams are better than the Steelers..I mean come on, 6 superbowls...

All through high school I woke up every day at 4am to swim…which was really painful but it has made me a stronger person. I finished high school in 3 years and I’m transferring 21 college credits to Westminster. I’m majoring in Political Science and I want to be a lawyer someday…for some reason I think it will be fun. I basically will do anything to prove my point or to win an argument…much to the dismay of my mom. I am extremely independent and I refuse to change myself to simply fit in with people. However, I love people a lot and if I can make someone laugh it makes my day.

I have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother. We’re either really tight or full on beating each other to a pulp. Our house is crazy…I won’t even try to elaborate. My parents sacrificed everything for us and that is my motivation to be able to pay for school.

I’m a Christian and I love the Lord. I dance a lot, and at the most awkward times so I usually freak people out. Even though I’m a swimmer, I have a fear of drowning. Nancy Drew is my hero. I love football. I’m either extremely serious and intense or bouncing off the walls. I just want to get the most out of life.


"Imma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly."

Teresa Jeanne Whetstone
i love spanish and i love humor. here is an awesome video for that. enjoy.

Anyways, I am one of three children, an older sister- Kristine- and a younger sister -Elizabeth. I play violin and percussion, music is kind of my thing, it has gotten me through life reasonably unscathed. My parents have always supported me in my endeavors with music, and they were a bit confused when I told them that I wanted to major in Political Science and Spanish (even though I spoke to them constantly in Spanish about politics). I intend to join the air force upon graduating from Westminster, they offered to send me to Officer Training School and pay my loans off, plus I get to travel, which is what I mainly want to do with my life. I want to see the world.
This is me and my sisters. My best friends. I love them very much.
(Left-to-right; Me 18, Elizabeth 9, Kristine 19)
Andrew Philip Ziegler
Hey I'm Andrew. Most people just call me Zigs or Ziggy. I can tell you right now I one of those guys who is to much of a country boy for the city, and to much of a city boy for the country. Basically I am an average guy who strives to be different. I am one of three children (I'm in the middle), but If you count my step siblings, I am one of six. I have a farely large family and I love them all. They are the best. Me and my family are a Christian family who loves to do things outdoors, and visit interesting places. This includes shooting, volleyball, camping, backpacking, paintball, going to historic sites, excetera.
I myself am a very athletic person and do many sports which include football, wrestling, soccer (at one time), paintball, and mixed martial arts fighting (or as it is more commonly known as MMA).

Outside of sports, I love sci-fi books and movies. One of my favorite sci-fi genres is a board game called warhammer 40k( a board game which uses 28mm models and dice to simulate futeristic battles). This kinda makes me a nerd but I do not really care.

Now personnaly I try to be a good Christian man, by embracing the forgotten ideas of chivalry, honor, service, and sacrifice. I try to be "that guy" or as I like to call it "the knight in rusty armor". I am not the knight in shining armor who comes riding in on a white stallion. Instead I am the guy in beat up, worn out armor who rides in on a broken horse. Unlike the other guy I do not get the girl all the time, but that does not matter, because my true honor is knowing that my actions help others. To that end I hope, after college, to serve in America's armed forces along the best of the best, The MARINE CORPS. After this I will either go into politics, or use the training I learned in the marine corps and apply that to a job in a PMC (Private Military Contractor/ Mercenary) organisation.

That is me in a nutshell. I am not much to look at, but I try to do the right thing everyday of my life.